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When you’ve had a hectic or stressful day, there’s nothing better than a long, relaxing soak in a hot, bubble bath to soothe away life’s stresses and strains. But does your bathroom provide the calming sanctuary you need?

Here are our three quick steps to beautiful bathroom bliss…

1. Colour

Colour is an essential starting point for creating that chilled out vibe.

Avoid large swathes of colour that are overly dark or conversely overly bright, although these work well for accent colours when balanced with neutrals.

Pure white offers a contemporary look but can feel cold and stark on its own, so why not introduce some accessories to add splashes of colours like luxurious bath towels, rugs and bright soaps?

2. Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom needs to be more flexible than anywhere else in the home.

Increase natural daylight by minimising window dressings and if possible go for a frosted window treatment.

Candles are a must for ultimate bathtime serenity and recreating the ambience of a luxury spa.

3. Accessories

Create a wonderful sense of calm with beautifully co-ordinated accessories. Soft, fluffy towels and face cloths, shower curtain, soap holders, shelving – all in complementary colours and materials.


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