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KITCHEN worktops

All of our kitchen ranges can be combined with laminate, composite, wood, granite or quartz worktops. 


Samples for all of them can be seen in the showroom and by clicking the logos below.


Laminate worktops take their name from the process through which they are made - lamination.  This is where multiple layers of material, such as melamine (a plastic), fibreboard, decorative paper (the pattern) and an overlay paper (top coat) are fused together with heat and pressure.  With recent advances in HD printing techniques, some laminates are so realistic that it's difficult to tell that they are not made of real wood or natural stone.

Easy to install and low maintenance makes laminate a popular choice for kitchen surfaces.

Available with matching upstands and splashbacks in the majority of ranges.


Composite worktops are acrylic based solid surfaces with the appearance of natural stone, quartz, and marble, but at a more affordable price.  Each colour has been carefully selected to complement the latest kitchen trends.

These worktops are one of the only products on the market that have truly seamless joints that discreetly form one continuous surface that flows around the room as if moulded from a single piece.  This makes them very hygienic, waterproof and easy to maintain.

Installed by a tradesperson familiar with acryclic based worktops.

Available with matching upstands and splashbacks.

solid wood

Wood is a natural product and so the colour and grain will be uniquely different in each length.  There will also be varying amounts of knots, natural colour variations and drying shakes. 


Tuscan solid wood worktops are available with the timber of six different tree species.  From the highly popular solid oak, to warm beech and luxury walnut, you are sure to find a wooden worktop to match your kitchen.


All worksurfaces are supplied untreated.  Proper installation and aftercare is absolutely essential to ensure that a solid wood worktop looks and performs exceptionally well for many years.

Available with matching upstands in the majority of ranges.


Granite worktops are mined from 100% pure natural stone.  The stone is quarried straight from the earth in the form of a large sheet and then sliced into individual slabs and polished.  Since granite occurs naturally, each slab is unique in its own way and no two pieces will ever be identical.

Granite worktops are templated and installed by our supplier.

Available with matching upstands and splashbacks.


Quartz worktops are man-made but consist of around 90-95% natural quartz, mined from naturally occurring deposits throughout the world.  The quartz is ground down and combined with resins and polymers to create a very solid end material that is virtually non-porous and has a high scratch resistance.

Due to the manufacturing process, quartz worktops are generally more consistent in patterns compared to natural granite.

Quartz worktops are templated and installed by our supplier.

Available with matching upstands and splashbacks in the majority of ranges.

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