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Sinks & Taps

Stainless Steel

The classic modern sink, stainless steel is a popular choice that looks great in every style of kitchen.  The sink of choice for the professional chef, it’s practical and durable.  We have lots of variations in our stainless steel ranges: single bowl, multiple bowl, round, small and deep…  Think about how you’ll be using your sink, then choose a model that suits you.


Composite sinks are made from hard-wearing stone, such as granite and quartz, along with high grade resins and acrylics.  This results in a highly durable, scratch and stain resistant sink that can withstand the demands of modern life.  Composite sinks are available in a wide array of colours and the usual options of 1 bowl and 1.5 bowls in many sizes.


A much loved kitchen icon, the ceramic sink could be straight from Grandma’s house or a period drama.  However, the simple elegance of the classic ceramic sink also looks fantastic in a modern setting.  If you like the traditional farmhouse look, choose a Belfast sink, deep enough for washing stock pots or bathing babies (a less common use in today’s kitchens…).  Alternatively go for a neat modern style with an integral drainer.

Our Partners


Replacement doors, worktops, new handles, or just a sink.  We can buy all of our ranges separately to supply as much or as little as you need. 

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